I've often found the book I'm reading permeates into the pictures I make.  I suppose that's what most creative undertakings are, a meeting of ones internal world and the world happening around us. I've become a little obsessed with science fiction of late and I'm now reading Isaac Asimov's robot series written in the 1950's and set 1000 years in the future. They are beautifully descriptive books full of ideas about humanity and shockingly farsighted, imagining equivalents of the internet and FaceTime, but also social and attitudinal changes as a result of technology. I remember my dad reading the books when I was a child, and being fascinated by the tatty paperback covers that were illustrated with gaudy 1960's ideas of a far future. Ironically I'm reading them on an e-reader, a cultural shift in itself.

When I started to look through my pictures from Antwerp I felt I could see the influence of the books on my subconscious and so here is my small nod to Asimov.