Making a home comes from the the core of me, I've always done it, I’m absorbed by the domestic. This is the place that I'm lucky enough to have that feels safe and secure. I like to arrange things, to take time to think about what I have around me, what goes together, influenced by colour, shape, history, meaning and memory. I also like to nurture, to grow things, its part of my make up, my nature you might say.

The seed heads here are from my allotment, they look like this as a result of the weather this year. The light is natural, streaming in through my windows on a hot June morning. This room like my back garden faces southeast and has beautiful light and shadows from sunrise until the late afternoon.

I'm telling you all of this because today I wanted to think about simple, everyday things, to meditate on the bigger picture, the sublime in the classical sense. Like many people I'm sure, I've started to feel overwhelmed by an unpredictable sequence of incomprehensible events that feel very close to home and undermine our sense of right and wrong and our security.

So I'll send this little piece of calm out into the universe and hope for better days for all those affected in recent weeks.