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This is the second in a new series of pictures made on the periphery of towns and cities. I made this one on my recent visit to Arles in southern France. A s always  I'm interested in the relationship between the natural and manmade worlds and the tussle for supremacy. My first attempt was made on the threshold between Manchester and Salford, and can be viewed here:  Periphery Spending time in the baking heat of Arles really made me think about the lush nature of the British Isles. We often complain about the unpredictable nature of our weather but it does mean we are surrounded by hundreds of shades of green for much of the time, even our urban centres have an emerald glow in spring and summer. The grass is always greener.

Twist & Turn

As the twists and turns of world events get evermore bewildering and alarming I retreat to the beauty and rhythm of nature. These eryngiums weren't grown by me but a gift from friends. I've watched as they've changed over the weeks, until the moment I photographed them in the daylight streaming through my studio windows.