Warrington Periphery

I glide in and out of cities every day, travelling by train between Manchester and Liverpool and back again. Warrington is bang in the middle. I realised this week that my periphery series is a reaction to my commute and the view you get of the world from a train window.

Inspired by these journeys, I have been exploring the periphery of towns and cities by foot, investigating the constant battle between nature and the manmade world. I’m using my camera to compile evidence, documenting a power struggle between the natural world we emerged from and the twenty first century human race that we have become. Every city is different and it would seem the periphery reveals something of the wealth, attitude and governance of the centre. Some cities fade slowly and remain cultivated for mile upon mile, others dwindle quickly into periphery and neglect, passing control back to nature. Accidental tableau present themselves, bucolic scenes emerge from the urban commotion, but nothing is standing still, everything is gradually changing. Sometimes that change is a result of human intervention, sometimes it is nature reclaiming a space.